We havenít won, we havenít lost, in our hearts we know we tried
Ask the men that fought like hell,beside the ones that died
We never knew if theyíd be back,with us again someday
Every Mother, every sweetheart, stayed at home to pray
Itís finally over, itís done at last, we now have peace with honor
Among the men that fought and died, and those that are left to suffer
Some of us will always question, was it all in vain
Ask the P.O.W.ís, who lived on hope, some rice and grain
The net result of any war, always has its toll
It makes us often wonder, did we ever reach our goal
Ask the men who lost an arm, or possibly their sight
They too will always wonder, was it wrong, or was it right
Is it over now for these men, or has life for them just begun
Iím sure they will all agree, we havenít lost and we havenít won
All those years of killing, so many young and old
No doubt there are many stories, that have not yet been told
We now have peace once again, let it not go astray
Letís all unite together, to keep it everyday
The splendor of the peace we have, is wonderful and grand
Letís pray we never again will fight, upon some foreign land.

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