Why should your organization join the Coalition?

That's a real good question, but - - - we have several real good answers.

1) Information. With the Coalition, information is obtained to help your local organization gain awareness of things pertinent to your group here in the State of Florida, as well as at the National Level. Remember, Information in today's world is power.

2) Communication. The Coalition can speak as one voice for the local organizations throughout the State. The wishes of the membership can be presented to the Government representatives, both here in Florida, and at the National level. As one voice for many we can make faster headway and apply more pressure to our politicians to address the concerns of the Veteran.

3) Togetherness. In unity and numbers we can demand treatment for ailments incurred during our time in service. We can also protect our fellow veterans, wives, and children from losing the benefits that we were promised. These are NOT entitlements. We signed a contract, and it is up to the Government to hold up their end.

4) Support. We can help each others organizations with projects local to them but with State wide interest.

5) Networking. We have an established network, with every organization in the Coalition being on-line through either the Internet, Fax, or telephone. This network can bring information to your organization swiftly, and efficiently, without the lag between meetings. The meetings ARE important and so is speed in many cases. For a better understanding of how we work go to benefits of the Coalition

6) Brotherhood. We share a bond from being tested by fire at one of the earliest ages out of all the US forces (Average age of a combat soldier during the Vietnam War was 19). We also invite our brothers and Sisters who served in other parts of the world from all era's, our wives, significant others, and supporters to be a full part of our lives. These people have some times been the only people who have cared other than other Vets, and we wish them to continue on along side us.

7) Commonality. Veterans are totally unique in many ways.

(a) We suffer from ailments, unusual to our age group peers.
(b) We have things in common that other Veteran have experienced.
(c) We as Veterans can relate to All Veteran Groups, as all have commonalities.
(d) We know there are differences in what we have experienced, but we all share the fact that we have served our Country

With These and other points, you group can only gain from being part of a bigger picture.

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