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Hello my Name is Tony C. and here is a little about myself.

picture from a reunion of the 5th Marines in Mayport Florida. Jan '98

I was born in Lichfield England. I emigrated to the United States at the age of 14, and went to Alfred G. Berner High School in Massapequa Park, Long Island, NY..     I Graduated at 17 on June 23rd 1967.

I turned 18 in the first part of August, and entered Marine Corp Boot Camp (Parris Island, SC) Aug 28th 1967. After boot camp I trained in Camp Geiger NC which is a part of Camp LeJeune. From there to California, and Okinawa, and on to Vietnam.

 I landed in Vietnam January 31st 1968, just in time for the TET offensive, the worst time of the War.   I served with Golf Company 2nd Battalion 5th Marine Regiment, ( G 2/5 ) 1st Marine Division as a Grunt. I started my tour in the battle of "HUE" during Tet, and became a casualty June 21st 1968 after being blown up in a mine field. My outfit covered an AO from Hue to An Hoa. I was Medavact out of Vietnam, and had an early discharge (Honorable).

In 1973 I became a Citizen of the United States.

Currently I am a Veterans advocate who finds pleasure in helping my Brothers and Sisters in the Veteran Community, and assisting in any way possible with our Current Military. To see a list of what I am involved with or have been click here.

I Currently reside in Ochlockonee Bay, In Wakulla county Florida.

Contact me a USMC-Vietnam-Grunt@att.net
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