In the Tradition of the State Coalition, this page is designed to help bring information to all interested and concerned Veterans. The links on this page are links to other sites on the Web where you can find an assortment of current and archived information.
These links are in no particular order of importance. We would suggest that you try to visit all of them.
Look up the Status of your POW/MIA on the DPMO site
Personnel Missing -- Southeast Asia

To return a Braclet to the Family or former POW you need to go through a Casualty officer.
Contact the Casualty Officer

The new POW/MIA Poster is out. The image can be seen at :
POW/MIA Recognition Day Posters 2005

National POW/MIA Recognition Day Posters 2000, 1999

The full text of both the Gulag Study and the 17th Plenum
Nat. Alliance Site

A new feature, a page which contains Bills pertinent to the POW/MIA issue.
Legislation pertinent to the issue.

A Lawsuit to force the CIA to Comply with the Freedom Of Information Act. (FOIA)
Roger Hall fights the CIA for the POW's

The 1205 Document. It's interesting reading for those that served in Korea and/or Vietnam.
1205 Document

For those who know the truth, and belive that our men were left behind, go here for details
Last Known Alive

Working for the repatriation of live American Prisoners of War in any form of captivity world-wide.

The MIA Cover-Up

Operation Just Cause Homepage, a must visit site.
"For as long as it takes..."

Operation Just Cause summary of the year 2000
Summary of 2000

Testimony before the House International Relations Committee
Testimony of Michael D. Benge

Mike Benge's Research concerning Cuban War Crimes Against American POWs
Research on the Cubans in Vietnam

Article concerning the truth about McCain

Here is an Excelent page of the Florida POW/MIA's INCLUDING all of Florida's Hero's Who gave Their All!
Honoring Florida's own.

A new feature ! Home pages of POW/MIA's. Authored by Family members, friends, and people who care.

Rolling Thunder Chapter 4, Jacksonville Florida
Educating the public on the POW/MIA issue

CPT. George D. Macdonald - Abandoned by the USA in Laos.
Jennifer Martinez's Honor Page

Bears Homepage, Information on POW's MIA's and Links to others. Northwest Veteran Newsletter.
"Bear's" Homepage Northwest Veterans Newsletter

Individuals claiming Vietnam POW Status
Heroes or Villains?

All POW / MIA, The Fax network
Bob Necci Advocacy and Intelligence Index

The POW/MIA Forum. Committed to obtaining the fullest possible accounting.
The POW/MIA Forum.

Homepage of Senior Ranking Officer Col. Ted Guy USAF-Ret, former POW.
Former PoW Col. Ted Guy's (USAF-Ret) Home Page

Homepage of the National Aliance of Families
National Alliance of Families home page

The War Secrets Sen. John McCain Hides
The War Secrets Sen. John McCain Hides       

Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office
U.S. - Russia Joint Commission on POW/MIAs

This page is the unofficial home page of the Vietnam era Prisoners of War (1963-1973).
Three's In - Vietnam POW Home Page

Homepage of Steve E. Kiba, POW in Red China. Lots of good info
Home Page of Kiba's Flag       

Lima Site 85
Lima 85

The Coalition of Families of Korean Cold War POW/MIA's
The Coalition of Families

Korea - Cold War Families of the Missing
Families United in a Search for Truth, Dignity, Acknowledgment and Closure

Here is a web site on Gulf POW's
Gulf War POW's

Canadian POW/MIA Information Center. From our brothers and Sisters in Canada.
Canadian POW/MIA Information Centre

Home page of TFO, containing valuable info on POW/MIA's, along with their Bio's.
Task Force Omega

TFO, of Kentucky, concerned citizens working to return American POW's/MIA's to America.
Task Force Omega of Kentucky Inc.

South East Asia EJECTEES POWs who returned home
South East Asia EJECTEES POWs       

A Pow's Mia's Screamed ECHO in Cyber Space

This page is to honor the men who still serve . . . Even though abandoned by their own country.
In Memoriam To The Vietnam POW/MIAs

Concerned citizens working to return American POW/MIAs to America!

A Database from the Library of Congress.
Library of Congress POW Database

The "POW/MIA Freedom Fighters"      
Freedom Fighters

The Homepage for the National League of Families.
National League of Families of American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia

An iteresting page belonging to those who fund searching for evidence
S.E.A.R.C.H. Inc

Biography's on Prisoners of War and Missing in Action. Also avalible, a list of known "wannabe" POW's
Biography Program

POW radio is back on the internet! Sunday afternoon 3-5 pm (Mountain Time)
POW Radio.

A statement on the issue by CDR Chip Beck, USNR (ret)
I want to understand !

American EX-Prisoners of War homepage.

American Ex-Prisoners of War Service Foundation.
the Service Foundation is to assist the national American Ex-Prisoners of War organization

Home of the Hesky Park Vigil - New Hamshire Vets working for our POW/MIA's
Northeast POW/MIA Network

DPMO Prisoners of War Databases.
Missing Personnel Databases: Cold War, Vietnam War, Korean War

FBI Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Reading Room.
Reading Room Index Compiled as of 6/20/2001

POW Returnees and Escapees | Operation Homecoming and Before
View the lists

How the Clinton Administration's policy towards Vietnam has failed our POW's
Richard T. Childress statement to the Subcommittee on International Trade.

Welcome to the home page of the Defense POW/Missing Personnel (DPMO).
DPMO Homepage

McCain during the period he was held by the Vietnamese.
Senator John McCain and the Code of Conduct

Joint Task Force-Full Accounting / U.S. Army Central Identification Laboratory
JTF-FA Hawaii

A song for Bob Jones from D.P.M.O.
For our POW's
Music playing is Hey You by Pink Floyd. The lyrics talk about standing all alone. Let us not ever let our comrades in POW camps stand alone.....................Here is a mixed edited segment of some of the lyrics.... Hey You, out there in the cold getting lonely getting cold .... Hey You don't help them bury the light. Don't give in without a fight.......... Hey you there beyond the wall........ Don't tell me there is no hope at all. Together we stand divided we fall..

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