Legislative Page

Legislation that is pertinent to Florida Veterans, and Others.

National Legislation concerning Protests at Military Funerals
Funeral Bills across the States

Find Legislative bills from both the house and the Senate.
THOMAS -- U.S. Congress on the Internet

A positive use for the VA Card, and a way to distribute funds equally.
The Florida Coalitions idea on how to deal with part of the VA funding problem

Code of the United States Flag
Flag Code PDF Document (Acrobat Reader)

How the Flag should be displayed, folded and more (pictures)
Flag Etiquette

Your Florida Government
On line Sunshine (Florida Legislator)

Find elected officials, including the President, Members of Congress, Governors, State Legislators, local officials, and more
Government Guide

Information on the candidates for the next Presidential election.
Presidential Candidates information

A site where you can check the Voting record of your Senator, and/or Congressman
Voting records

Here is a way to see just what your Congressman and Senator are supporting.
What are my Representatives Co-Sponsoring?

Project Vote Smart, where you can find out how Politicians stand on issues
Welcome to Project Vote Smart

Veterans news, and links to other items including Florida Veterans News
News of Interest to Veterans

A Bill to amend title 10, United States Code.
A Bill to provide an Honor Guard for Vets.

United States Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs Homepage
Senate Veterans' Affairs

Here are Links that will help you get in touch with your Reps. in D.C. and Florida.
U.S. House and Senate
House and Senate

U.S. House of Representatives
House of Representatives

Senate 1018: Relating to POW & MIA Flags & Markers/Rest Areas
Senate Bill 1018 text version 1018c1

Here is the Wording of the Florida Rest Area Law for Flying POW/MIA Flags and placing markers at each rest area.
S 1018er.pdf

A Site that holds Politicians accountable.
Fact Check.org will give you the real truth.

Veteran Preference
Office of Personnel Management

Veterans preference is provided to separated military members under the following conditions:
Veteran Preference

Veterans Preference application form.
Form in PDF format (Acrobat Reader Required)

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