With Vietnam and All Veterans of Florida you are represented at both Local, and State level. Active representation on issues and concerns affecting Veterans and their families within the State of Florida before the State Legislature, State Veterans Planning Group, Florida Dept. of Veterans Affairs. Membership in the Vietnam Veterans of Florida Foundation Inc. with access to programs and the Foundation's 501(c)3 tax status for special projects. Local and Statewide Fund Raising and Grant Programs for local projects.

Active association with other Veteran oriented organizations throughout the State of Florida, through which local, or regional projects can receive Statewide support and publicity.

With VVOF you attain more autonomy, we do not dictate to the chapters what to do. You retain all your dues. The membership of the Coalition determines the course of the Coalition, not the other way around. Quarterly meetings are held to determine what issues the Coalition pursues, and things that are important to its membership. The VVF can assist in promoting membership or if your organization is having problems we may be able to help. VVOF can help form an organization and we - include All Vets. Minimum number members can be waived by the voting membership.

Distribution and assimilate of information. We have a centralized web site to direct people in their local counties to their local organizations. Internet capabilities and links are international. Linked to Canada, Australia and New Zealand

Sponsor of Florida's Annual Vietnam and All Veterans Reunion, the nations largest Veteran reunion. Brotherhood and Camaraderie. We are here to help!

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