Laughter…Near The Edge of Insanity

Laughter…Near The Edge of Insanity was written by Rod Smith.
It is published by Bookman Publishing in Martinsville,ind.

The book is a series of humorous stories contributed by several veterans who served in Southeast Asia during the time the U.S. was involved in Vietnam.

The author felt it necessary to show that there were funny moments during that period in that theater.

The chapters are segmented by the year a contributor was serving there. The final chapter is for those who served more than one yearly tour, and those who were prisoners of war during our involvement.

It is the hope of all who were involved in this book that these stories will show humor to all readers. We further wish that this humor may help the healing process of any veteran suffering due to his or her participation in these years spent in Vietnam and vicinity.

The book may be ordered by going to and entering the name Rod Smith under author listing. Then press search, and books can be ordered directly.

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