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POW / MIA Legislation Page

This page is designed to save you time and effort getting the important information on Bills pertinent to the POW/MIA issue. Where possible the actual bill will be available in PDF format on the page pertinent to the Legislation.
Please feel free to visit often because Legislation is always coming up.

The law that establishes the flying of the POW Flag at U.S. Post offices.
Extracted rules from Postal bulletin PB21967

Information, (details, cosponsors, PDF document, etc.) on Senate Bill 484. The Bill was introduced as the "Bring Them Home Alive Act of 2000"
Senate Bill 484. This Bill has been passed. Thanks to all who helped.

Information, (details, cosponsors, PDF document, etc.) on HRes 16. A Bill that Establishes the House Select Committee on POW and MIA Affairs.
HRes 16. This Bill has been Reintroduced and this is the NEW Bill.

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