We here at the State Coalition would like to extend our hand out to those who wish to be a part of our Coalition.

Although this organization is primarily a Vietnam, and Vietnam Era, Veterans organization, we invite ALL Groups, and individuals from all conflicts that occurred before, and after the Vietnam War, up to, and including those now fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, and will include ALL Veterans of Future conflicts.

For years our organization has always been available for Veteran Groups here in Florida to Join, and be a vital part of our State Coalition. As the years have past there have been many individuals who have requested to join our organization, but due to the wording in our By-Laws, that was not possible. Now however, we have the vehicle to make that request possible.


Organizations have always been Welcome to join The Florida State Coalition, and the dues for each group (Chapter) are a low $50.00 per year. This gives you the benefits of belonging to a State Wide organization that can speak in Tallahassee with one voice, and allow you to be heard. We are a grass roots organization which gives you the power to tell the leadership, which direction you would like to see things going. Every organization has an equal vote, weather large, or small. For greater details follow this link . More information


Due to the many requests from Veterans across our State, we found there were many Veterans who wished to belong to an organization. Some had no Veteran group in their area, while others felt out of place in some of the traditional organizations. Many wanted to be involved with a group from the same time frame (era) they served in the Military, and beyond. Well now we can accommodate. Within the State Coalition, we have a Chapter called the Vietnam Veterans of Florida Association. This organization has a vote just as other groups, and its members have full input into all Coalition matters through the voting process. As a member of this group you are entitled to receive all distributed information in Email form. Attendance is not absolutely mandatory, but is encouraged for all Coalition meeting, which take place four times Annually in various locations throughout the State. Members of the Association will be asked for input, through the use of Email, and votes on how the Association will vote at a Coalition meeting can take place at the meeting, or for upcoming votes by email for those unable to attend. If you feel this may service you, and your needs, please view the information about our Coalition, Coalition Information then return to this page, and send in a request for membership. Cost will be $10.00 Annually to belong to the Association. The Association pays for the group membership.
Below you will find two places to click on to request membership in the State Coalition. One will be for a group (Chapter) to join, the other, for an individual to be a part of the Association.

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