State Coalition Newsletter.

The Florida Veteran Fall 2008.pdf

The Florida Veteran Spring 2009

The Florida Veteran Fall 2009

The Florida Veteran Spring 2010

The Florida Veteran Fall 2010

The Florida Veteran Spring 2012-revised.pdf

The Florida Veteran Fall 2012

The Florida Veteran Spring 2013

The Florida Veteran Fall 2014

Newsletter Spring 2015

The Florida Veteran Fall 2015

The Florida Veteran Spring 2016

The Florida Veteran Fall 2016    

The VVB Newsletter.....
Newsletter Winter 2011

Newsletter Winter 2012

Newsletter Jul-Aug 2014     

Florida Dustoff Associations Newsletter.
The Rotor and Scalpel winter-spring 2009

The Rotor and Scalpel winter-spring 2010     

VVA Chapter 96 Newsletter "Free Fire Wire"
"Free Fire Wire" Current issue

Florida Department of Veterans' Affairs (FDVA) weekly newsletter in PDF format.

National Voluntary Service Central Office Newsletter Date November 1, 2007.
Newsletter in PDF format.

KWVA 173 Newsletter
The Morning Calm October 2012    

KWVA 173 Newsletter
The Morning Calm November 2012

KWVA 173 Newsletter
The Morning Calm Jan 13th    

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To Sky Soldiers & Friends of Sky Soldiers:
2nd Bn Vietnam Newsletter June 2013.pdf

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Coalition of Families of Korean and Cold War POW/MIA'S

The October Patriot Reader
The October Patriot Reader

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