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U.S. Marine Corps Organizations
U.S. Marine Corps Organizations

One of my favorite groups (my old outfit) G 2/5 Association, part of the 1st Marine Division
Golf Company 2nd Battalion 5th Marines Association

Here is the Home Page of the only Navy Ship to be named after a battle in the Vietnam War.

You can run, but you will only die tired.
5th Marine Scout Snipers

Here is a small guide to the CAP units.
Vietnam USMC Combined Action Platoons.

For those Marines who remember CAP or CAG units. Here is a place to visit
US Marine CAP Website

Continuing the brave and kind legacy of the Combined Action Program
Cap Veterans

Homepage of Combined Action Platoon 1-3-9
Combined Action Platoon 1-3-9

Oliver Jackson's USMC Homepage
3rd Battalion 1st Marines

Al Varelas USMC C.O. Operations Control Center 26th Marine Regiment Khe Sanh Combat Base.
Operations Control Center

WELCOME HOME!!! -- from a member of 3rd Amtrac Battalion; 1st Marine Div. "B" Co.

Web site of the 1st Battalion 4th Marines Association
1st Bn 4th Marines

Homepage of Sgt. Sharon Barbato USMC 1968-1972
Semper Fi! Heart

USMC Vietnam Helicopter Association

Provisional Rifle Company, H&S Battalion, Fleet Marine Force, Force Logistics Command
Provisional Rifle Company
Marine Corps Community for USMC Veterans & Families.       

MCRDSD Command Museum
MCRD San Diego Museum Historical Society       

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