The Vietnam Veterans of Florida Foundation, Inc.

A non profit 501-C3 Corporation

The sponsorship and funding Organization for the

Vietnam Veterans of Florida, State Coalition, Inc.

The State Coalition gives its Thanks to the Foundation for funding and assistance in its many projects

State Coalition Background and History

The Vietnam Veterans of Florida, Inc., was organized in 1984, as a Coalition of independent Vietnam Veterans oriented organizations, to address issues affecting Vietnam Veterans and their families both in the State of Florida, and nationally Cognizant of the need to promote awareness of issues and concerns unique to Vietnam Veterans, the Coalition serves as a single unified voice with representation before the Florida State Legislature, the State Veterans Planning Group, the Florida Commission on Veterans Affairs and the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs. Conceived as a "Grass Roots" organization, the Coalition provides it's member organizations the flexibility of retaining their own autonomous identity both as independent Chapters, and in affiliation with other Vietnam Veteran organizations, while at the same time being able to benefit from an association dedicated to the concept of strength of numbers and unified action on issues.

Working together through a democratic process, Member Organizations of the Coalition provide mutual support to each other for projects and programs, develop strategies and implement plans of action to address and resolve areas of common concern to all Vietnam Veterans.

The motto of the Vietnam Veterans of Florida, Inc., "Together Then.....Together Again", recognizes the special bond of Brotherhood that exists among Vietnam Veterans and promotes the inherent benefits and positive results that can be achieved as a result of that bond, now and in the future through continued association.


While the Vietnam Veterans of Florida, Inc., is a "Grass Roots" oriented organization which operates on the firm base of democratic principle, emanating from the Member Organizations, the conduct of the day to day business of the Coalition, a tradition of continuity and the requirement for the Coalition to be able to address issues with a common voice in many different forums, necessitates the existence of a "Steering Committee" of Officers and Committee Chairpersons. Elected by the Member Organizations of the Coalition, as their spokespersons and representatives, the Officers of the Vietnam Veterans of Florida, Inc., handle the day to day conduct of the business of the Coalition, represent the Member Organizations throughout the State of Florida, and at Regional and National levels, and carry out the policies of the Coalition as determined by the Member Organizations.

The Vietnam Veterans of Florida, Inc., is a Coalition of Organizations, rather than of individuals. Member Organizations select delegates from amongst their Members to attend the quarterly meetings and represent the Organization before the Coalition. The number of delegates from each Member Organization is unlimited; however, each Member Organization receives only 1 vote on the floor.

Business meetings of the Vietnam Veterans of Florida, Inc., are currently convened on a quarterly basis (January, April, July, October), at locations throughout the State of Florida. Member Organizations determine the locations, and quarterly meetings are hosted by one or more of the Member Organizations.

Each year the Foundation is proud to Sponsor and Support Florida’s Annual Vietnam Veterans Reunion

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