July 2, 1997

To Whom it may Concern:

"Live Prisoners of War" advocates are continuously searching for a way to prove our fighting men were abandoned by our own Government after WWII, the Korean War, the Cold War, and the Vietnam War. These honorable men, our loved ones could be alive today, in Southeast Asia, China, the DPRK (North Korea), or the former Soviet Union.

We know that 1000's of Documents have been declassified in the past few years BUT the most important ones still remain in locked files.

The membership of National Alliance of Families support researcher Roger Hall's idea that one must take these different Government agencies to court.

Mr. Hall has identified the location of the missing Laird Breakfast Meeting records (which contain POW/MIA material), the missing Sog Daily Summaries (After Action Reports), certain important Senate Select Committee Documents and Depositions, Intelligence on POW movements, POW Studies, and Photo Imagery. He has also identified "Withheld" CIA documentation that requires release as promised but this has not happened.

It's our understanding that the CIA no longer does a search for the Identified Documents requested for declassification. The CIA refers you to the Library of ongress, thereby evading their responsibility under the Freedom Of Information Act, (FOIA) These POW/MIA Documents are not being declassified as required by two Executive Orders.

Mr. Hall's first step is to take the CIA to Court.

We encourage those persons who have a deep desire to resolve this "POW/MIA tragedy" to participate in Mr. Hall's plan.

Thank you for your kind attention

Best regards


Delores Apodaca Alfond

National Chairperson

December 9, 1997

To POW/MIA Activists and Supporters:

Roger Hall, who has been doing excellent research on the POW/MIA issue through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA), is preparing a FOIA court case for the declassification of POW/MIA documentation held by the CIA in violation of Presidential Executive Order 12812 (Bush), and Presidential Decision Directive 8 (Clinton). This law suite is the result of the government once again not living up to its commitments.

The U.S. Government did not live up to its commitment in Viet Nam, nor did it live up to its commitment to abandoned POWS.It's time it lived up to the President's deadline to declassify all POW/MIA documents by Veterans Day 1993

Fighting the CIA in court will be expensive and your financial support is needed now. The success of this case depends upon full backing from the entire POW/MIA support community whose efforts brought about the issuance of these Executive Orders in the first place. All donations will be deposited to the POW/MIA FOIA and Litigation Account. This money will be used only for legal costs and expenses. The account is subject to public scrutiny and audit by donors at any time

POW/MIA FOIA and Litigation Account
c/o Roger Hall
8715 First Avenue, #827C
Silver Spring, MD 20910



Mike Benge
former civilian POW, USAID)


Larry Star
(former civilian POW, USN)

Frank Anton CW4 - U.S.A. (Ret)
(former POW US Army)


December 27,1997


RE: Roger Hall's Efforts to Declassify POW Documents

As a retired CIA officer and former Defense POW investigator I support Roger Hall's efforts to declassify intelligence Community documents, including sanitized versions of operational files which pertain to American POWs, in compliance with existing Executive Orders.

On 17 September and 1 October 1996! I testified in Congress as to the unsatisfactory manner in which government components were proceeding on the POW investigations, and the need to surface all historical and operational information on the POWs.

Please support Mr. Hall's efforts with whatever resources you can allocate.


CDR Chip Beck, USNR (ret.)
P0 Box 5573,
Arlington, VA 222O5 * (7O3) 241-O8O4*

30 March 1998


Re: Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) actions against the Central Intelligence Agency.

I strongly support Mr. Roger Hall's efforts to overcome the institutionalized resistance that has occurred and continues to occur which has prevented/hampered the release of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) data pertaining to Prisoners of War. I feel, as Mr. Hall feels, that the only way the CIA data is ever going to be made public is by court order. Not only has the CIA violated President Bush's Executive Order (12812) but it has ignored President Clinton's Presidential Decision Directive #8 on the declassification of records. Could it be that to release this information might bring great discredit to the CIA and many other agencies of the United States Government in regard to the whole POW/MIA issue? I think so.

Anyone who believes that there will never be any more Prisoners of War or Missing in Action is living in an Alice in Wonderland type Utopia. We must find out what happened to our "forgotten" brave men and women who were committed to battle so that the tragedies of the past will not happen again. The term Killed In Action, Body Not Recovered is, in most cases, unacceptable in this day and age.

I urge you to join me and support Roger in his litigation to a quick and successful conclusion. Our future soldiers, sailors, and airmen, who again may be placed in harm's way, and their families will be eternally grateful.


Theodore W. Guy
Col. USAF (Ret)
Former POW

Jane Gaylor
3982 75th Street West
301 Pelican Point
Bradton, FL. 34209

December 26, 1997

Dear Families and Friends:

This is just a little note to let you know that I totally support Roger Hall with his project of taking the CIA to court. This action by Roger could force the declassification of many more documents concerning our missing men in Southeast Asia and could benifit many family members with their search for the truth.

The U.S. Government has been able to bankrupt me financially and health-wise by their keeping the truth from me. I have had to spend my own money looking for the truth about my son's disappearance. If I can afford to send Roger $15 dollars I know the rest of you could afford at least that mCarol Hrdlicka 770 Nuch.



Jane Duke Gaylor


770 N. Mayfield Rd.
Conway Springs, KS. 67031
Ph. 316-456-2439 Fax.316-456-2702

April 2, 1998

To whom it may concern:

I wish to join the family members, veterans, and former returned POWs in support of Roger Hall in his efforts to make agencies, specifically the Central Intelligence Agency, comply with the executive order to release all documents & information concerning POW/MIAs.

Mr. Hall has been very helpful to me over the years and was able to discover documents concerning my husband that had never been given to me by the very agencies that were supposed to keep me informed. These agencies said time and time again, "Mrs. Hrdlicka has been given all information pertaining to her husband". That is just a gross misrepresentation of the truth.

There are many families that have not been told the true facts concerning what happened to their loved ones. Its time to force the truth out of these agencies, so I ask that you support Roger Hall. Please organize fund raising events or get people to support this very important effort, they can actually watch their money at work!!!

If anyone would like to volunteer for the job of fund raising, please contact MR.Hall, Ph. - 301-585-3361. That would free Mr. HAll to continue the monumental task of gathering additional documentation.

Thank You,


Carol Hrdlicka

July 29, 1997



RE: Roger Hall's Effort to Declassify POW Documents

Roger Hall has been working diligently to require the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to declassify documents pertaining to U.S. prisoners of war, in compliance with Executive Orders from Presidents Bush and Clinton.

Please lend your support to Roger Hall's noble effort to achieve this important declassification of POW documents.


Red McDaniel

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