The page here was designed to provide a location where Organizations, and individuals can possibly find a worthy Organization they may wish to contribute to.

Any Organization listed should be looked into by those wishing to contribute to make sure such Organizations are worthy of their support.

The State Coalition does not imply its endorsement or recommendation, to any Organization listed

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FDVA (Florida Department of Veterans affairs ) provide you with a list of charitable organizations on file with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
This is a PDF file which is quite extensive To access this document, please click on the following link: "FDVA Charity Guide">

To search for Veterans organizations and the amount of Money Received and distribute Download the PDF file and do a search in the Document for Veterans. If a group doesn't meet your standards do not support them. If you see someone dressed in military attire, that doesn't necessarily mean they are a Veteran. Some may bear signs that say disabled Military Veteran, they may be disabled, and they may be a veteran, but that doesn't mean they were disabled in the military. That is like false advertising. Be aware of whom you support. Many Organizations are well established for many years. Others are not so please check out the ones which seem to come out of nowhere, and find out more. Quote: from the State of Florida Guide "Be wary of emotional appeals. Be suspicious of Organizations with only vague plans of dispersing the funds."

Also "Florida Law gives you, the Donor, the right to request, and receive a copy of the organizations financial report before making a donation. ASK FOR IT.

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